The Rise of Jordan Peterson
Boone Short Still

We Make Stories Out Of Totem Poles

A short film on Kwakwaka'wakw carver, Charles Joseph, who carves his dreams and sometimes nightmares into cedar. Having survived the evils of residential school at a young age, Charles tells the story of what happened on his largest carving yet in order to take a step forward and leave the pain behind.

Watch here.

We are currently working on a feature-length documentary film that follows the friendship between Charles Joseph and Jordan Peterson.


Shut Him Down: The Rise Of Jordan Peterson

A behind-the-scenes film reveals an intimate glimpse into the fiery controversy that launched University of Toronto professor Jordan Peterson into perhaps the most reviled, but also loved, public intellectual in Canadian history.

Aired on CBC Docs POV November 2 2018.


The Refugee’s Son

A father flies in to Toronto to witness his son’s community installation for an all-night arts festival in Toronto. The process is a reminder of their shared history, but it surfaces frustrations rooted in their sharply contrasting cultural differences.

In pre-production.